• Tutorial 12. Post-card in RETRO style


    As you’ve probably figured out, I really love anything graphic design that has that vintage grunge old and retro kind of look.
    In this tutorial you’ll see how to create a stunning Post-card with your .  It’s fairly simple to make and can be used in many different types of projects.
    Retro postcards to really surprise and delight.  Today I would like to bring some clarity to this  fascinating subject with my new tutorial.

    Let’s start from the beginning. How would you define the concept of Retro?

    The truth according to Wikipedia
    Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall post-modern past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. The use of “retro” style iconography and imagery interjected into post-modern , advertising, mass media, etc. It generally implies a vintage of at least 15 or 20 years.

    The word “retro” derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning “backwards, or in past times” – particularly as seen in the words retrograde, implying a movement toward the past instead of a progress toward the future, and retrospective, referring to a nostalgic (or critical) eye toward the past.

    A 1950s-era poster in pop- style, the style on which retro is based.
    The style now called “retro ” is a genre of pop which was developed in the 1940s and 1950s in response to a need for bold, eye-catching graphics that were easy to reproduce on simple presses available at the time in major centres. Retro advertising has experienced a resurgence in popularity since its style is distinctive from modern computer-generated styling.

    To create any postcard you just need to keep in mind a few important things:

    1. First things first, Start with an Idea.
    You can’t create a beautiful and an effective postcard if you don’t have an idea of what you want it to be about. Why are you creating a postcard?  Figure it out before you start.
    2.  Select an Eye-Catching Image
    An image is funny / striking in some way is never a bad choice.
    3. Write Your Headline
    It should usually be short, interesting, and intriguing in conjunction with the image on the front.
    4. Design Your Card
    Now that you have chosen your image, you’re ready to design your postcard.
    If you keep these important things in mind, it will definitely help you.
    I’ve created a-la retro-looking postcard.
    Well, I’ll take you step by step through my process of creating.

    1. I shot this pic with native iPhone cam.

    2. Using the Face Cam app and Pimple Eraser app I am a bit improve the beautiful face of my model. I mean, I’ve attempted to fix the result of poor lighting.

    3. Further I have played a bit with the adjustment tools of Snapseed app

    the resulting image

    Not bad now!

    4. Using the Space Paint app I have added effect of smoke.

    This app lets you to add a really well rendered light and smoke effects to your pictures. However, I was a bit disappointed that it has a maximum save size just 1000×750.
    Yes, it has the ability to zoom/scale/move/arrange.. And they work good. But the masking/erasing tool has a BIG problems in using.What’s really annoying.

    5. And now I run it through the Alt Photo app to change styling direction.
    It is a pretty good app for a few reasons. The Alt Photo app has a number of filters and you can alter the intensity of the filter applied. The six categories include Color Film, Vintage Color, Toy Camera, B & W Film, B & W Print, and B & W Vintage. The effects are spectacular. The color effects are beautifully saturated with complex textures and light applications.
    Finally, it is quick to edit pictures, even when using high-resolution pictures, and allows you to save images in their original resolution. (what is really important).
    Here is my choice and result

    Finally move onto the main goal of this tutorial. I mean the creation of postcard.
    Well, you can find lots different HalfTone . Some are better than others. But it is very individual. One of my favorite such app is Halftone app by Juicy Bits.
    This app turns your photos into unique, vintage comics, allows to add captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts). Settings screen for lots of additional customization, including halftone dot size, strength, and gain.
    Btw, so often I turn off the slider off halftone dot and now I gone on this way.
    Contrary to many others, Halftone makes it easy to add more than 25 paper styles, from crisp and clean to distressed and aged. This is what I really love and use this app pretty often.
    So run through Halftone app and write the Headline, using Labelbox app.

    I must say that I am happy with the result and I like the mood of my postcard. However, I would like to increase it by adding a little bit naughty and playful “shades” and “tones” ;)

    7. So go to the Blender app and add fun and naughty pencil drawing or any design to your taste. It may add more life and reality to your unique postcard.
    Btw, you can take a snapshot of any pencil drawing and use it as a texture. And then add it by blending.

    and the resulting image

    9. Oh, I really love it! =)
    However, being in this playful mood I would like to complete the design of my postcard by adding some texts… Perhaps a poem or something like that..
    Looking at my postcard I immediately think of a quote by Faina Ranevskaya! Exactly!
    She is one of my most beloved greatest Soviet Russian actors in both tragedy and comedy. She was also famous for her aphorisms.
    Further, go to the Phonto app and add the quote.

    I finished off with this tutorial. Hope it was interesting and useful for you!
    Finally a bit of music for the mood ;)

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:
    Face Cam app
    Pimple Eraser app
    Snapseed app 
    Space Paint app 
    Alt Photo app
    Halftone app
    Labelbox app
    Blender app
    Phonto app

  • Tutorial 11 “Sliders”. Take it easy: all ingenious is simple!


    So often happens that creating artworks takes a lot of time to complete. To get started, the idea gives birth to the creation. A person needs intellectual stimulation. Suppose you have an idea in advance and you know the way (or about) to achieve the desired result. You are on a creative high, however, in spite of all, neither of created results are not make you happy.

    Well, you have to forget about these works for a while =) You don’t need to hurry to complete your work. One day you will find the right solution or get the desired . Perhaps, you need a time, lots of it, so be patient ;)

    But nevertheless happens that you need just a few minutes to create a truly amazing and inspiring image. Something simple but powerful.
    And now I’ll discuss the creation the one of such works.

    1. I took this pic with Slow Shutter Cam app by Cogitap Software.

    Just point and shoot…

    Slow Shutter does not actually change the shutter speed of the ’s camera =) It just simulates control over exposure and shutter speed

    This app provides three main options – Automatic, Manual and Light Trail.

    Automatic mode can be used to create motion-blur effects as well as this mode features automatic exposure compensation so that your pictures are always perfectly exposed, no matter the shutter speed selected.  This mode  is like the shutter priority mode on a DSLR.

    Manual mode lets you set the shutter speed to compensate for low-light conditions. The longer the shutter speed, the more light it will accumulate.

    Light Trail mode also works best in low-light conditions, it allows to “paint” with light. You can capture any moving light in a unique beautiful way.

    All three modes are very easy to use, as you just need to select a shutter speed and then just point and shoot. Additionally the Light trail mode allows to select a sensitivity levels.

    Pay attention to the application settings and following instructions

    btw, I have used other slow shutter apps with the similar name. You could try some of them to decide as to which application works best for you.

    2. And now you can choose any way for further image processing.

    I have used MonoVu app.
    Actually I often use this app to  my monochrome works and I really love it.
    This app provides 10 free filters, as well as an extra 15  purchase filters. (some of them have a unobtrusive and simple textures)

    That’s all!
    Take it easy: all ingenious is simple! ;)

  • Soon! Soon! Soon! Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold


    So glad to share these wonderful with you, my friends!
    Soon! Soon! Soon! January 28!
    “Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold” is in review at iTunes!
    This iPad eBook is a commemorative companion to the Mobile Masters Sessions to be held at Macworld Expo on January 30, 3013. (some tickets still available)

    “Over 50 of the worlds most notable iPhoneographers reveal their techniques, passion and vision in a compelling interactive format by the foremost author on Dan Marcolina. This iPad eBook is a companion to the Mobile Masters Sessions held at Macworld expo. And contains the work and views of most all the speakers and many more leaders in this mobile movement.
    I believe we are at the beginning of a historical movement in “the mobile movement”. The convergence of: outstanding tech in a camera that is always with you, along with cheap easy to discover and the sharing and learning of techniques within the huge social gallery called instagram/facebook has allowed many more people to intuitively create with images.
    Within this exponential growth there are small underground pockets of people that are truly reinventing the artform. This appBook is an attempt to not only reveal what these talented folks are doing with images but also expose their passion and vision for the movement.” -Dan Marcolina
    Dan Marcolina is the owner of Phila-based Marcolina Design & MarcolinaSlate LLC . Known for his award-winning print, web, and work, Dan’s images have appeared in juried shows and dozens of publications worldwide. His obsession with images has reinvigorated his love for both photography and visual experimentation.

    I am really honored to have been selected to be a part of this ebook among the other most talented artists in the world, who represent the of iPhoneography!

    My huge congratulations to everyone, who participated! All contributions look absolutelly great and inspiring!
    Of course, special thanks for this unique opportunity and for giving the honor of being a part of it to Dan Marcolina and Knox Bronson!

    Knox Bronson is singer, composer, songwriter, artist, and sooooo on. First of all, Knox Bronson is founder of only curated site for the global iphonic art movement, P1xels—The Art of the iPhone,, featuring the work of the finest artists working the medium around the world. Knox produced the first ever juried gallery show of iphonic art three years ago and has since produced shows all over country and the world, garnering press all around the globe, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, and even representing the smiley face of the USA on a video feature for the Voice Of America network in the Middle East.

    Please take time to view this promo video!

    Don’t forget to download “Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold” at your iPad!  ;)

  • Tutorial 9. “Waves of Change”


    First of all I must warn you, I am not sure that this tutorial will be so interesting and really useful for all readers…At least, this work is one of narrowly focused style,as well as, it is the result of manipulation and the imagination of a mad scientist))
    However, I received several inquiries for clarification on creating this work and I hope that this lesson will inspire you to create your personal -vibration (abstractions).
    Accordingly, below will be presented just technical explanation.
    If you’re still here, let’s start ;)

    1. First things first, I processed one pic from my archive using one of my favorite Decim8. So, I got the next image.

    I must say that I love this playing with forms and colors and I want to run with it anymore!

    2. Considering the initial capabilities of the resulting image I would like to run it through the TinyPlanet app.

    This is what I need!

    3. I want to make it look more artistic, so I run it through the Glaze app.
    So I got next pic.

    4. Thinking of the waves, I would like to see more motion and blue/cyan colors. Further, I used another image from my archives, that I also processed using Tiny Planet app. So, I merge them both, using Blender app., playing with application settings “Blending Mode

    Finally I got the foundation of my final image

    5. However, this is not all. Further I process my images using the Tiled app.
    I have to confess that quite often I use it in the creation of my art- works.

    6. Finally, to complete my work I used ScratchCam app.

    That’s all!
    As always – ”Let your imagination works on you!” ;)

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:

    Decim 8
    Tiny Planet
    Tiny Planet

  • Tutorial 8. “Ghosts of crimes against humanity”


    I may say, I don’t know the way to start this tutorial…
    This is quite dangerous dancing with fire and ashes … I would say so.
    This work, which I would like to consider today, concerns a very complex subject … I had been thinking for a long time before I decided to write the tutorial on it.
    However, this work does exist.
    Crimes against humanity were lived out in World War 2. Genocide, murder, torture, starvation, exposure to disease on purpose, intentional bombing or shooting that has no military purpose or authorization (also considered a war crime) and mass arson of people and their homes or in buildings. I have probably missed some types of crimes but it is pretty gruesome what some people have done to others. It was atrocious.
    I wont concern everything that is behind this work.
    So, let us turn to the discussion of the process of creating, as well as explore some applications that I have used here.

    1. I took this picture with Hipstamatic (BlackKeys super grain film, John S lens) last winter in the subway. This capture reminded me of this slippery subject immediately..

    2. So, to complete this work I had to enhance the feelings and emotions with some applications.
    First of all, I added some texture, using Textures+ app.

    I love this app and use it quite often in creating my works or to create my own textures.
    Keep in mind you can always clean up necessary area, using “eraser”. So I cleaned the area of ​​the face.

    3. Further I run it through Horror Cam app. and a bit improve it by Snapseed using settings (adjust Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation etc.)
    So I got this pic.

    4. Then, I add some text using the Phonto app. It is simple in use and I like a fairly large selection of the fonts that they have, as well as the resulting images have a good resolution…
    Generally I use different apps to adding texts.

    5. Finally I add the last element using ArtSet app. I may to confess, I’m not a big master in this application, so, all my tests in its use is still very meager…=) However, that’s all what I need here.

    That’s all!

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:


    Despite the story behind this image I love it ….

  • THE THIRD WAVE Exhibition


    Third anniversary of the launch of and the accidental birth of the iphonic movement.
    It’s a great honour and I really happy to have my work, “My own microcosm”, have been selected for the upcoming The Third Wave Exhibition

    I am proud to be part of it, indeed! Congratulations to everyone selected!

    The opening celebration will take place at the Garden Gate Creativity Center at 2911 Claremont Avenue in Berkeley this coming Saturday, December 1, at 6 p.m.

    It will be a wonderful night, I guess…
    Wish I could be there, unfortunately, there will be only my work and of course I’ll be there in mentally and spiritually =) I’ll be waiting for the and any photo reports impatiently!

    Huge thanks, Knox, for all things that you do for everyone of us!!! It’s very important and I really appreciate it!!!

  • AN-3 meets NaProsvet


    I am happy to announce my fresh and introduce one of Russian music band “An-3“, who’s music is something like mix of funk, pop-rock and blues.

    Recently guys have created  their first music for the song called “Only to You” (“Лишь к тебе”).
    So, I decided to take this wonderful opportunity and took some pictures of the creation process. Afterwards I made a slide-show of these images. The guys liked it very much and they decided to use this slide-show as a preview for the upcoming . Please have a look at what it had turned out…

    Perhaps, it is worth to mentioning, that all things I have created with my ;)

  • “In the tradition of Russian avant-garde” Welcome to the gallery G8!


    The Gallery-G8 represents dozens of unique images and several paintings by the famous artist Andrei Chezhin, the rare Suprematist compositions by classic of the Soviet avant-garde El Lissitzky and works by artist .
    The exhibition will run from November 10 to December 3 in the space of G8-Gallery, Gorki-8, Moscow
    The works by Chezhin stored in the best museums of the world – the Hermitage (St. Petersburg) State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Russian National Library (St. Petersburg), Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation; The Navigator Foundation, Boston, USA; Columbus Museum of Art, as well as the largest private collections.
    The unique scenic works by El Lissitzky 20s years of the twentieth century from the private collection becomes the semantic center of the exhibition. Lissitzky combines at once the monochrome philosophical works by Chezhin with experiments by young i-artist Natali Prosvetova, who works with iPhoneography art.

    IPhoneography is a pretty modern and democratic trend in the art of , which appeared quite recently, but it has already gained significant worldwide popularity. The gallery will feature the i-artworks by Prosvetova which are performed in the spirit of the Russian avant-garde 20s.

    A selection of her works have been exhibited at the Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery in Carmel, USA, at the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa (MINA) in New Zealand, at the first WiAM exhibition in Naples, Italy,  as well as in the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 in Santa Monica Art Studios, USA; BiiAM Belgitude iPhoneography exhibition in Belgium at The Jonas Gallery, etc.

    El Lissitzky

    Andrei Chezhin

    …and I am, yours truly NaProsvet =)

  • Bzz-ART


    A selection of some of my works. All works were created and processed solely on the .

    If you were interested by my works, please feel free to e-mail me and we can negotiate.

  • BiiAM Belgitude IPHONEOGRAPHY exhibition


    The BiiAM Belgitude Exhibition!

    13th September at The Jonas Gallery
    It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of it!!!

    This is my contribution to the BiiAM Belgitude



    Supported by Hewlett Packard, Vedett and PicPack

    Photos from the exhibition

    The to give everybody an idea about how it all came together.