• The Kansas City NEM Exhibition


    I really happy and proud to be part of the upcoming Kansas City NEM Exhibition!!!
    Opening Reception: First Friday, September 5th, 6-9pm; Informal Artist Talk Saturday September 6th, 11am-2pm.
    Show runs thru September 27th, 11am-10pm.
    It will be the first of a series of exhibitions by the New Era Museum (NEM)!
    This exhibition features work by 30 leading international mobile artists, representing countries all over the globe. The images in this exhibition were selected as they illustrate the many styles and techniques that define mobile today. Visitors to the exhibition will encounter widely different artistic visions and techniques. In conjunction with the gallery exhibition, NEM is also hosting the on-line exhibition that includes these gallery artists as well as work by another 10 well-recognized mobile artists from around the world.
    The Kansas City NEM Exhibition: the selection

    Mark Daniels, Andrew Hays, Armineh Hovanesian, Carolyn Hall Young, Davide Capponi, Erika Brothers, Federica Corbelli, Jennifer Bracewell, Jane Schultz, Janine Graf, Jennifer Thomas, JQ Gaines, Juta Jazz, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Cristian Margarita, Meri Walker, Michael Hill, Michelle Robinson, Milo Salgado, MaryJane Sarvis, , Patricia Larson, Petyr Campos, Rino Rossi, Rob Pearson-Wright, Robin Robertis, Roger Guetta, Sacha Dohmen, Susan Tuttle, Yannick Brice, Arjan Van Der Horst, Connie Rosenthal, Emanuel Faria, Gianluca Ricoveri, Halil Yalcin, Jessika Johansson, Lee Atwell, Nicholas Xantos, Vanessa Vox and Wayne Greer.

    btw, this is my artwork for the NEM Exhibition

    NEM is a museum without walls committed to the humanistic initiative of the mobile arts. The New Era Museum’s goal is to spread the concept that the making of a popular form as a worldwide artistic movement is available to everyone with mobile device; a new Renaissance available without censorship or filters for anybody who wants to change the game. Founded by Andrea Bigiarini

  • Natali Prosvetova interview at ARTofMOB. Featured Mobile Artist

    Снимок экрана 2014-08-19 в 22.26.17

    Read the full interview at ART of MOB

  • iArt by NaProsvet in Novosibirsk


    Впервые в Новосибирске 17 апреля в Trend Bar была представлена коллекция современного арт-искусства «айфонография», автором которой является Натали Просветова aka !

    The Novosibirsk Room
    НГС Афиша

  • The Icon


    My new artwork «The Icon», which will debut in Novosibirsk on my solo Exhibition on April 17.
    Stay tuned for the details ;)

  • Отчетная выставка «Резиденты G8 и не только»

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    С 20 декабря 2013 г. по 30 января 2014 г. в галерее G8 пройдет отчетная выставка «Резиденты G8 и не только».
    В канун Нового года и Рождества в галерее G8 вас ждут уникальные работы художников, участвовавших в жизни галереи в 2013 году. Вы увидите произведения художников Дмитрия Ершова и Эдуарда Зеленина, иллюстраторов Игоря Олейникова и Елены Кубышевой, айфонографа Натали Просветовой, скульпторов Бориса Черствого и Михаила Балана, а также других замечательных и известных авторов.

    Понравившиеся работы можно будет приобрести как для себя, так и в подарок для родных и друзей!
    Отличного Нового Года и Рождества!

    Дополнительная информация:
    e-mail: info@G8-gallery.com

    МО, Одинцовский р-н, Рублево-Успенское шоссе, Горки-8, д. 275
    Тел. +7 (495) 215-20-40

  • { EXPOSURE } Mobile Photo. Call for entry

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    The Call for Entry for EXPOSURE 2014 will be open December 1 – 15, 2013. The Call will officially close at 11:59 pm EST on December 15, 2013. Specific submittal instructions will be published when the Call opens on December 1.

    The 2014 exhibit will be JURIED through a blind jury process. Learn about Juror Lisa McLymont here.

    Call for Entry guidelines:

    All images must be shot and processed using ONLY a mobile device and associated . We define “mobile device” as all mobile phones and tablets. IMAGES MAY NOT BE ALTERED USING A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER (except for sizing or renaming files).
    All work must be square in format. For an explanation,
    We prefer you do not submit watermarked images.
    A total of 60 artists will be accepted: 30 artists from Ohio and 30 artists from outside of Ohio (U.S. and international). Each of the 60 artists will have 5 (five) images displayed and available for purchase at the gallery and online.
    We ask that you submit five (5) images for jury consideration. NO preference will be given to images presented in a series.
    There is NO theme or style requirement. We are seeking the best examples of mobile from around the world. This includes all genres and styles, including (but not limited to) street , portraiture, landscapes, cityscapes, macro, nature, design, collage and conceptual work. Please note that this is a fine exhibition designed to add legitimacy to mobile as an art. Demonstration of technical aptitude, creativity and multi-apping are encouraged; overprocessing is discouraged, as are snapshots.
    There is NO fee to participate in the Call for Entry or jury process. However, ACCEPTED ARTISTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT $35 VIA PAYPAL WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF ACCEPTANCE. Payment instructions will be provided with acceptance letters.
    Accepted artists will be notified approximately one (1) month after the Call for Entry is closed. Accepted artists will also be listed on the Exposure Mobile Photo Facebook page.
    To be considered, artists must:

    E-mail FIVE (5) images in SQUARE format to submittal@exposuremobilephoto.com.
    File names: Use the naming convention LastName_01.jpg (e.g., Smith_01.jpg)
    File format: JPEG or PNG
    Complete the online submittal form
    Your submittal will not be considered complete until you have satisfied the above items.

  • 3-rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards

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    The Mobile Awards were founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the genre’s leading mobile photo & talent.
    The MPA is an international open call for photographs and images created on mobile devices (phone and tablet). The Mobile Photography Awards are open for entry to photographers and artists worldwide with a Grand Prize of $3,000 and much more!
    Over the course of three years, the Mobile Photography Awards has become the world’s largest annual event & competition of it’s kind and has produced nine successful exhibits in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Collingwood, and Melbourne. The MPA offers artists opportunities for exhibits, open gallery calls, fine art sales, and annual cash and prizes of more than $15,000.
    The MPA Exhibits are a feature for the winning images from the annual competition and are chosen from thousands by a jury of twenty photographic professionals, journalists, teachers, artists and leaders of the photography, mobile photography and art worlds.
    The Mobile Photography Awards has 20 photo categories.
    Every image entered may be placed in up to three (3) categories. All 20 category winners receive MPA prize packs and are included on the exclusive MPA Exhibit Tour, with further opportunities for fine art sales. Grand Prize winners receive $3000, 2nd Place is awarded $500 and the winner of the MPA/DIPTIC Photo Essay is also awarded $500.

    Entry fees remain the same as last year: $20 for 3 images, $30 for 5 images, $50 for 9 images and $100 for 20 images. The MPA/DIPTIC Photo Essay is a separate $35 entry with its own $500 prize and gallery exhibit.

    architecture & design
    black and white
    digital fine art/illustration
    food & beverage
    nature and wildlife
    MPA/diptic photo essay
    macro/details by Olloclip
    performing arts
    photo journalism
    the darkness
    travel by trover
    still life
    street photography
    visual FX

    The jury for the 3rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards:
    Ed Kashi, Christopher Wahl, Misho Baranovic, Bob Weil, Nicki FitzGerald, Marty Yawnick, Dutch Doscher, Melissa Vincent, Sarah Jarrett, Lee Towndrow, Star Rush’s, Richard Bangs, Laura Hubbard, Dan Marcolina, Stephanie Calabrese, Nathanial Park, Nettie Edwards, Andy Royston, Joanne Carter, Robert-Paul Jansen, Jen Pollack Bianco


    Click the link below to get more details and submit your best!

  • Paris Mobile Photography Awards by Tribegram

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    France will celebrate Mobile by having a series of events held in paris during November. A three day fair will gather photographers, instagramers, artists, journalists and researchers around workshops, photowalks, and lectures to better understand the rise of Mobile Photography. Prior to the festival, an international photo competition is open, the Tribegram awards.

    The tribegram awards are a special nod given to emergent mobile photographers coming from all over the world.

    Held in France, they are designed to help Mobile Photography to become a recognized form within the photography world, and the world in general.

    The call for entries is open from Nov. 7th until Nov. 21st and the winners will be announced on Opening night, Nov.29th.

    To enter the awards, the photograph needs to show a body of work that is made and edited only from smartphones. You can only enter ONE category.

    The awards are opened in five categories :
    B&W, Street, Landscape, , and Abstraction.

    To enter :
    You need to tag THREE photos on Instagram, Eyeem or send them to us on our Facebook page. If you don’t use any of them, please send one link to your site/blog with the category you want to enter to welcome (at) tribegram.com

    The tags :
    B&W : #tribegram_nb2013
    Street : #tribegram_street2013
    Portrait : #tribegram_portrait2013
    Landscape : #tribegram_landscape2013
    Abstraction : #tribegram_2013

    The judges are renowned French mobile photographers mobile.
    B&W : @julie_meric and @j3ffonline
    Street : @ellla_k and @leoleoparis
    Portrait : @nattysxm, @emmananou, and @no_bo_dy
    Landscape : @meliejean, @mydame, and @teatarik
    Abstraction : @cedricblanchon

    We want to thank our sponsors for giveaways and prizes to reward the best mobile photographers.

    Each winner will be awarded by one Olloclip, one PhotoAlbum offered by PhotoStation, one on Tribegram’s blog, and the opportunity to exhibit at the Parisian gallery Artifacts.

    Please check our dedicated website www.parismobilephotographyawards.com for details !

    Tribegram is the first French social Network and blog dedicated to Mobile and Connected Photography



    Happy and proud to be the part of the Studio b. Light Impressions Book!!!
    The book is all about the celebration of from iPhoneographers across the globe!!
    Take time to check out the book preview.
    Check out digital preview of the book here —–>

  • The First issue of iPhotographer Magazine, September, 2013


    Happy and proud to announce the first #1 full issue of iPhotographer , September, 2013, devoted to Street Life . Run and grab your copy.

    As well as I’d like to notice that Moscow is the featured city in iPhotographer’s «Around The World With » section ;)
    Hope you’ll enjoy it!