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    IPHOTOGRAPHER MAGAZINE is for the picture-taker, the picture-lover, the Instagramer, the Flickr fan, the dedicated aficionado—beginning or advanced—who who wants to learn more, take more, app more, see more, make better, and share more pictures as a part of the digital phenomenon of that has conquered the globe. , , mobile photography, whatever you wish to call it!

    Beautiful regional and city galleries from around the world, interviews, audio to delight and educate, detailed , expert gear reviews, an advice column, the best of Instagram galleries in every issue. Add to this the always amazing selection and curation, along with informative articles, at times off-beat and funny, always geared to enriching your life as both a maker and lover of great pictures, and you have the most exciting photography, , and lifestyle .

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    iPhotographer Magazine is available on the Apple Newsstand for both iPhone and iPad!
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    Don’t forget the first iPM Cover Contest for the July issue
    The theme for the cover contest for our July Issue is …
    Water, Summertime Beaches, Pools, Rivers, and Lakes
    Great prizes and low low low entry fee, the way contests should be!

    iPhotographer Magazine is for anybody who loves taking pictures with a phone, anybody who loves beautiful pictures and is interested in the people making them, anybody who is interested in the cutting-edge technology of photography, and anybody who is interested in cultural movements, societal trends, their genesis, evolution, and flow, and what they signify for our common human experience! Alright, a little deep there, but we are serious students of it all, as well, underneath all the fun.
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  • «Star Wars». 3D чехлы by NaProsvet


    Итак, цены:
    iPhone 5/5S2000р.
    6 - 2500р.
    Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S52000р.
    Samsung Galaxy Note/Samsung Galaxy Note22500р.
    Получить дополнительную информацию или заказать чехлы можно написав на почту или позвонив по телефону: +7(916) 790-00-61
    Красота рождается в мелочах

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being

  • Ready to Fly

    Painted in Waterlogue
  • Fall here

  • Humor is the ability to see three sides to one coin

    Humor is the ability to see three sides to one coin
  • Цветотерапия от NaProsvet


    Рада представить новую эксклюзивную коллекцию «Star Wars» авторских чехлов с красочными оригинальными принтами для самых популярных марок телефонов, таких как Apple, Samsung и BlackBerry)
    Коллекция «Star Wars» – это не просто высококачественные и стильные аксессуары с полной запечаткой, которые защитят ваш телефон от механических повреждений, но и нечто большее, создающее эмоциональный фон и хорошее настроение. Я надеюсь, что каждый сможет найти чехол себе по душе, который будет соответствовать его эмоциям и чувствам, желаниям и мечтам и, наконец, выделят вас из толпы.
    Многие модели создаются лишь ограниченным тиражом, а также непрерывно происходит пополнение коллекции.
    Hot Sun (Жаркое Солнце)

    Hot Sun и Trollblume (Жаркое Солнце и Цветок Тролля)

    Hot Sun (Жаркое Солнце)

    Trollblume (Цветок Тролля)

    Rainbow Explosion (Взрыв Радуги)

    Trollblume , FireBird, Rainbow Explosion (Цветок Тролля, Жар-птица, Взрыв Радуги)

    Harmony & Balance (Гармония и баланс)

    Harmony & Balance (Гармония и Баланс)

    Acid Sun и Reach for the Sun (Едкое Солнце и Достать до Солнца)

    Acid Sun (Едкое Солнце)

    FireBird (Жар-птица)

    FireBird (Жар-птица)

    Sliders и Deep Blue Sea (Скользящие и Глубокое Синее Море)

    Sliders и Deep Blue Sea (Скользящие и Глубокое Синее Море)

    Итак, цены:
    4/4S, 5/5S - 1500р.
    Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4 - 1500р.
    Blackberry Z10 - 1500р.
    Samsung Galaxy Note/Samsung Galaxy Note 22000р.
    Получить дополнительную информацию или заказать чехлы можно написав на почту или позвонив по телефону: +7(916) 790-00-61
    Красота рождается в мелочах ;)

  • The Kansas City NEM Exhibition


    I really happy and proud to be part of the upcoming Kansas City NEM Exhibition!!!
    Opening Reception: First Friday, September 5th, 6-9pm; Informal Artist Talk Saturday September 6th, 11am-2pm.
    Show runs thru September 27th, 11am-10pm.
    It will be the first of a series of exhibitions by the New Era Museum (NEM)!
    This exhibition features work by 30 leading international mobile artists, representing countries all over the globe. The images in this exhibition were selected as they illustrate the many styles and techniques that define mobile today. Visitors to the exhibition will encounter widely different artistic visions and techniques. In conjunction with the gallery exhibition, NEM is also hosting the on-line exhibition that includes these gallery artists as well as work by another 10 well-recognized mobile artists from around the world.
    The Kansas City NEM Exhibition: the selection

    Mark Daniels, Andrew Hays, Armineh Hovanesian, Carolyn Hall Young, Davide Capponi, Erika Brothers, Federica Corbelli, Jennifer Bracewell, Jane Schultz, Janine Graf, Jennifer Thomas, JQ Gaines, Juta Jazz, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Cristian Margarita, Meri Walker, Michael Hill, Michelle Robinson, Milo Salgado, MaryJane Sarvis, , Patricia Larson, Petyr Campos, Rino Rossi, Rob Pearson-Wright, Robin Robertis, Roger Guetta, Sacha Dohmen, Susan Tuttle, Yannick Brice, Arjan Van Der Horst, Connie Rosenthal, Emanuel Faria, Gianluca Ricoveri, Halil Yalcin, Jessika Johansson, Lee Atwell, Nicholas Xantos, Vanessa Vox and Wayne Greer.

    btw, this is my artwork for the NEM Exhibition

    NEM is a museum without walls committed to the humanistic initiative of the mobile arts. The New Era Museum’s goal is to spread the concept that the making of a popular form as a worldwide artistic movement is available to everyone with mobile device; a new Renaissance available without censorship or filters for anybody who wants to change the game. Founded by Andrea Bigiarini

  • Rock’n'Roll forever!


    I’m excited to announce my newest T-Shirt designs «DEAD&FAMOUS» and «I REFUSE TO SINK«
    These are Test Print Copies!
    The T-Shirt come in variety of designs, as well as in two colors (white and melange), but common to them all are the high quality prints that makes them long-living and durable.
    Many thanks to Printio team for their great support and assistance!
    Feel free to contact me for the further details:

    Rock&Roll forever ;)

  • Cell Phone Cases Art


    I’m happy to share these gorgeous printable tests of my fractals ARTworks on Cell Phone cases. Now available for 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note/2, Blackberry Z10
    Feel free to contact me for the further details:
    Many thanks to Printio! You guys, have done a wonderful job!
    Great service! Very fast, professionally, affordable and kindly response. Highly recommended! ;)