• «Тайная история скорости»


    В результате плодотворного сотрудничества с журналом Eclectic, в разделе «Идеи» появляются новые статьи, оформленные моими   -работами.
    Не пропустите свежий майский номер!

  • Мой милый замок безумия


    «Безумие (сумасшествие) — потенциально неизлечимое тяжёлое психическое расстройство.
    До конца XIX века сумасшествием или безумием считалось поведение или мышление, выходившее за рамки принятой социальной нормы, как например болезненные судороги, галлюцинации при полном сохранении рассудка, странные или саморазрушающие действия, а также попытки самоубийства. Кроме того, приступы эпилепсии, контузии и последствия черепно-мозговых травм также считались проявлением безумия.
    Так как исторически этот термин применялся к целому ряду различных психических заболеваний, в современной медицине и психиатрии он используется редко, хотя по-прежнему популярен в разговорной речи.» – согласно ВикипедиЯ

  • Tutorial 10 «Без кожи» или время платить по счетам ;)


    I have not written a new lesson for a long time for which I do apologize…while I’ve got several requests for clarification of various works.
    The reason is that I do not have that much free time I used to. However, I will do my best not to forget you permanently!
    Hope you had a great time!
    We’ll start from the beginning..So, it’s time to pay off my first debt! ;)

    «Skinned Deep»
    This work is one of several my weirdest, wicked, freaky, but still funniest work =)

    1.  I shot the original image with the ProCamera

    It is really easiest-to-use tool for taking good pics with your . It has several one-touch-effects (ProFX), as well as the full photo editing control with ProLab.
    Today is available so many new apps for capturing images. Some of them are great! However, I go back to ProCamera, from time to time.

    It should be noted it is a wonderful shot =) I mean, I like the light from the window (prudently I planted the doll on the window sill). However, I still have some things that I would like a slightly improve prior the big process.

    2. So, go to the Snapseed app and little bit improve it, using apps settings (adjust Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation etc.). Note: Especially pay attention to the eyes!

    The resulting image

    As a result, I am happy with the received image

    3. Now comes the fun part =) Further, let’s process it using the Salvador Dali Camera

    Looks good for me ;) This is what I need!
    I would not say that it is a wonderful and an irreplaceable app, however, experimenting with it you can get a pretty good and fun result.
    By the way, I have a series of art works created with this app.

    4. Still, I improved it a bit, going back to the Snapseed app. As a result, I would get a really colorful image.

    …so here we are halfway to the goal

    5. Next, ran it through the Decim8  using BEAMRIDER effect

    Bit later you will realize the reason I done this step

    6. Finally, run it through the Tangled FX

    This app reminds me of Fractalius Photoshop plugin. It creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. You can also simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches. There are 16 unique filters to apply, and the best part is that you can tweak them with fine tuning sliders.
    You can also to pay attention to the ShockMyPic app. It is still a good app for doing crazy outlines blending.

    I really love it!!!
    …unfortunately during the last processed we have lost the eyes of our «monster-doll»… Honestly it’s not that I would like to get as a result …

    7. So, we shall go to the Blender app. and add eyes by blending with image received after processing by Salvador Dali camera (using the application settings “Arrange” and  ”Mask”…and choose Blend Mode)
    I added just one of the two, to enhance frightening view.

    That’s all! Hope you have someone to scare them with your crazy art works ;)

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:
    Salvador Dali Camera
    Tangled FX

  • Feed your soul ART


    Здесь Вы можете ознакомиться с некоторыми моими работами на продажу. Если у Вас есть какие-либо вопросы, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться ко мне. Буду рада ответить на любые вопросы.

    «Я ничего не вижу в космосе более многообещающего чем вид с чертового колеса»
    38x50cm (15х20inch)
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Разница между творчеством и строительством: сконструированную вещь можно любить только, когда она готова; но плод творчества любят даже если он ещё не существует»
    38x50cm (15х20inch)
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Коктейль из льда и каблуков»
    BARYTA paper, 50x50cm (20x20inch), SafeBox

    «Сказка сказывается о тебе»
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Зимние Зарисовки»
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Какое его дело?»
    38x50cm (15х20inch)
    Litorealistik paper, SafeBox

    «Это мгновение будет длиться вечно»
    38x50cm (15х20inch)
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Копаясь в прошлом»
    50x38cm (20x15inch)
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox

    «Кислотный дом»
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox, 50x50cm (20x20inch)
    BARYTA paper, SafeBox, 50x50cm (20x20inch)

    «Прятаться слишком поздно»
    Luster paper

    «Легкомысленные страсти»
    Litorealistik paper, SafeBox

    «Таинственное дерево»
    litorealistik paper, mat(passepartout ), wooden frame 

    1. «Бог дал вам одно лицо, а вы делаете себе другое» 23×31(9x12inch) METALLIC, mounted 3/4 bamboo
    2. «Грязные помыслы хуже чем грязное лицо в сотни раз» 23×31(9x12inch) METALLIC, mounted 3/4 bamboo
    3. «Мой микрокосмос»
    bamboo15x15(6×6), mounted 3/4 bamboo

    «Мой микрокосмос»
    bamboo15x15(6×6), mounted 3/4 bamboo

    «Люди одиноки, потомy что вместо мостов они стpоят стены»
    53х40 cm (20х16 inch) Luster paper

    «Bang-Bang YOU..»
    Hahnemuhle FineArt paper, wood frame

    «Насилию нет места»
    BARYTA paper, 50x50cm (20x20inch)

    Также Вы можете ознакомиться с другими моими работами,  пройдя по ссылке:


  • Soon! Soon! Soon! Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold


    So glad to share these wonderful news with you, my friends!
    Soon! Soon! Soon! January 28!
    «Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold» is in review at iTunes!
    This iPad eBook is a commemorative companion to the Mobile Masters Sessions to be held at Macworld Expo on January 30, 3013. (some tickets still available)

    «Over 50 of the worlds most notable iPhoneographers reveal their techniques, passion and vision in a compelling interactive format by the foremost author on Dan Marcolina. This iPad eBook is a companion to the Mobile Masters Sessions held at Macworld expo. And contains the work and views of most all the speakers and many more leaders in this mobile movement.
    I believe we are at the beginning of a historical movement in “the mobile movement”. The convergence of: outstanding tech in a camera that is always with you, along with cheap easy to discover apps and the sharing and learning of techniques within the huge social gallery called instagram/facebook has allowed many more people to intuitively create with images.
    Within this exponential growth there are small underground pockets of people that are truly reinventing the artform. This appBook is an attempt to not only reveal what these talented folks are doing with images but also expose their passion and vision for the movement.» -Dan Marcolina
    Dan Marcolina is the owner of Phila-based Marcolina Design & MarcolinaSlate LLC . Known for his award-winning print, web, and work, Dan’s images have appeared in juried shows and dozens of publications worldwide. His obsession with images has reinvigorated his love for both photography and visual experimentation.

    www.marcolina.com    www.marcolinaslate.com

    I am really honored to have been selected to be a part of this ebook among the other most talented artists in the world, who represent the of iPhoneography!

    My huge congratulations to everyone, who participated! All contributions look absolutelly great and inspiring!
    Of course, special thanks for this unique opportunity and for giving the honor of being a part of it to Dan Marcolina and Knox Bronson!

    Knox Bronson is singer, composer, songwriter, artist, and sooooo on. First of all, Knox Bronson is founder of only curated site for the global iphonic art movement, P1xels—The Art of the iPhone, http://pixelsatanexhibition.com, featuring the work of the finest artists working the medium around the world. Knox produced the first ever juried gallery show of iphonic art three years ago and has since produced shows all over country and the world, garnering press all around the globe, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, and even representing the smiley face of the USA on a video feature for the Voice Of America network in the Middle East.

    Please take time to view this promo video!

    Don’t forget to download «Mobile Masters, Crossing the Threshold» at your iPad!  ;)

  • Последние обновления продаж в online магазине iPhoneArt iPrints

    Снимок экрана 2012-12-13 в 20.51.38

    Рада сообщить, что коллекция моих работ, доступных для продажи в online магазине iPhoneArt iPrints постоянно обновляется

    Ознакомиться с работами, представленными для продажи вы можете, пройдя по ссылке:


    Пожалуйста обратите внимание, что некоторые из работ доступны только в ограниченном издании.

    Например, если вы приобретаете  работу с указанным лимитированным изданием «5″, вы можете быть уверенны, что после того как будут проданы 5 изи «5″, это означает,  что дополнительной печати этого издания производиться не будет.

    Также обратите внимание, что все работы представлены в разных форматах печати (размер, материал, оформление и монтаж на бамбуковую или металл основу)

    Если у вас возникли сложности или вопросы, вы всегда можете связаться со мной по электронной почте, буду рада оказать помощь.

    Здесь представлены некоторые примеры новинок:

    Также вы можете посетить мою online галлерею, где представлено большинство моих работ.


    Если вас заинтересовала работа из моей галлереи, не представленная в online магазине, вы можете связаться со мной и мы это исправим ;)

  • Tutorial 9. «Waves of Change»


    First of all I must warn you, I am not sure that this tutorial will be so interesting and really useful for all readers…At least, this work is one of narrowly focused style,as well as, it is the result of manipulation and the imagination of a mad scientist))
    However, I received several inquiries for clarification on creating this work and I hope that this lesson will inspire you to create your personal -vibration (abstractions).
    Accordingly, below will be presented just technical explanation.
    If you’re still here, let’s start ;)

    1. First things first, I processed one pic from my archive using one of my favorite apps Decim8. So, I got the next image.

    I must say that I love this playing with forms and colors and I want to run with it anymore!

    2. Considering the initial capabilities of the resulting image I would like to run it through the TinyPlanet app.

    This is what I need!

    3. I want to make it look more artistic, so I run it through the Glaze app.
    So I got next pic.

    4. Thinking of the waves, I would like to see more motion and blue/cyan colors. Further, I used another image from my archives, that I also processed using Tiny Planet app. So, I merge them both, using Blender app., playing with application settings “Blending Mode

    Finally I got the foundation of my final image

    5. However, this is not all. Further I process my images using the Tiled app.
    I have to confess that quite often I use it in the creation of my art- works.

    6. Finally, to complete my work I used ScratchCam app.

    That’s all!
    As always – ”Let your imagination works on you!” ;)

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:

    Decim 8
    Tiny Planet
    Tiny Planet

  • Tutorial 7. Turn on your imagination! Again and again ;)


    Going back again to the issue of how you can use your personal imagination and creative fantasy))

    Before starting this tutorial…
    Well, I was looking for handwriting (like my business card) in my works for a long time. It was hard and I was really upset about it … Recently I have revised my works over the last couple of years… Finally, I got it! I have two major direction!! =)
    On the one hand – it’s something vintage, antique and so often little bit scared and whimsical works (mostly portraits and images with human forms). On the other hand – I really love the color! Such a kind of explosion of the moods and feelings. As usually too bright colors are present in my graphic works.

    So, I decided to consider one of my personal favorite of my graphic works of this summer.
    I really wanted to choose an interesting work, processed using a variety of apps and show how you can use your personal imagination and creative fantasy))

    «The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.» Charles Dickens

    I tried to be detailed and clear. I hope this will be useful and interesting stuff.
    As usual - When you begin to create your work, you must have the main idea in your head!

    1) OK, the main images included in the final version  were two pictures taken with my long focal lens for , using «ClassicPan» app. Nothing special, just not so good quality pictures with awesome workers in the sky.  They were establishing some decoration for the street scene.  I must say that I loved how they looks,  this is what I need!

    Images were captured on a rainy and overcast day. I little bit cleared my pictures from the gray clouds and flipped one of them, so that they looked at each other, using «Camera+«

    2) I love the geometry and I really love the «poster»-images!

    With the clean (almost white) image, I created some different graphic images using «addLib» app

    Further I proceed to the fun – blending!  Here I used «Blender» app, playing with application settings «Blending Mode«. So I got this pic

    Looks not bad, but it is too little for me! I want even more colors and geometry!

    3) Further I turn to my archives and I remember that I want to see more colors at least…

    I picked a pair of bright colored textures.

    4) Step – 2. Gone back to the «Blender» app, and playing again with settings «Blending Mode» one by one I added my colors textures at the previous picture.

    5) So I got next pic.

    For the base it looks good. I like the color and graphic design. But still there is no real life ..

    I gone back to my «workers» and I add them in sequence at my previous picture, using the «Blender» app.

    Finally I got this image

    6) Well, I really love it, but I would like to add some light without changing the exposure and contrast. Perhaps it will be glares or something like this. However it’s the graphic art, so I guess that an ordinary glares will spoil the mood and structure of whole work.

    So I created the image next image, using «Flowpaper» app.

    7) Gone back to the «Blender» app. and merge layers, playing with application settings «Blending Mode«

    Finally I got the FIN.pic


    Let your imagination works on you! ;)

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:


  • THE THIRD WAVE Exhibition


    Third anniversary of the launch of pixelsatanexhibition.com and the accidental birth of the iphonic movement.
    It’s a great honour and I really happy to have my work, «My own microcosm», have been selected for the upcoming The Third Wave Exhibition

    I am proud to be part of it, indeed! Congratulations to everyone selected!

    The opening celebration will take place at the Garden Gate Creativity Center at 2911 Claremont Avenue in Berkeley this coming Saturday, December 1, at 6 p.m.

    It will be a wonderful night, I guess…
    Wish I could be there, unfortunately, there will be only my work and of course I’ll be there in mentally and spiritually =) I’ll be waiting for the news and any photo reports impatiently!

    Huge thanks, Knox, for all things that you do for everyone of us!!! It’s very important and I really appreciate it!!!

  • «В традициях Русского Авангарда». Добро пожаловать на выставку в галерею G8!


    Друзья, для меня огромная честь и удовольствие поделиться с вами, своими чудесными новостями и пригласить вас на выставку «В традициях Русского Авангарда»,  которая откроется 10 ноября и продлится до 3 декабря в пространстве  Gallery G8!!! (Горки-8)

    Лисицкий Лазарь Маркович (Эль Лисицкий)

    Чежин Андрей

    и я, преданный вам, NaProsvet =)

    Все желающие приглашаются на мастер-класс по айфонографии, который состоится 10 ноября в 16.00