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    iPhotographer Magazine

    IPHOTOGRAPHER MAGAZINE is for the picture-taker, the picture-lover, the Instagramer, the Flickr fan, the dedicated aficionado—beginning or advanced—who who wants to learn more, take more, app more, see more, make better, and share more pictures as a part of the digital phenomenon of that has conquered the globe. , , mobile , whatever you wish to call it!

    Beautiful regional and city galleries from around the world, interviews, audio to delight and educate, detailed , expert gear reviews, an advice column, the best of Instagram galleries in every issue. Add to this the always amazing selection and curation, along with informative articles, at times off-beat and funny, always geared to enriching your life as both a maker and lover of great pictures, and you have the most exciting , art, and lifestyle .

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    iPhotographer Magazine is available on the Apple Newsstand for both iPhone and iPad!
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    $3,99 per issue, $19,95 per year, in six bimonthly issues.

    Don’t forget the first iPM Cover Contest for the July issue
    The theme for the cover contest for our July Issue is …
    Water, Summertime Beaches, Pools, Rivers, and Lakes
    Great prizes and low low low entry fee, the way contests should be!

    iPhotographer Magazine is for anybody who loves taking pictures with a phone, anybody who loves beautiful pictures and is interested in the people making them, anybody who is interested in the cutting-edge technology of photography, and anybody who is interested in cultural movements, societal trends, their genesis, evolution, and flow, and what they signify for our common human experience! Alright, a little deep there, but we are serious students of it all, as well, underneath all the fun.
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