iPhotographer Magazine is your new iPad jewel!


An exciting new , iPhotographer, to be the lens focused on the vibrant world of mobile and sharing, channeling all that energy and excitement into a fun, informative, and beautiful format.

iPhotographer Magazine is a multi-media and fully interactive publication: beautiful galleries from around the world, interviews, audio to delight and educate, detailed , gear reviews, an advice column, the best of Instagram galleries in every issue.

Add to this the always amazing selection and curation, along with informative articles, at times off-beat and funny, always geared to enriching your life as both a maker and lover of great pictures, and you have the most exciting photography, , and lifestyle magazine on the planet!

As one who takes pictures with your phone and shares them with friends, family, and the world, you, we, are part of a revolution, a global phenomenon unprecedented in human history.

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