Tutorial 2. Eternal Mystery series


Today I wanted to create a grand tutorial =) on one of my recent series that I have titled  «Eternal Mystery».
These 3 final images are included in it and, of course, they all are complex and  made up of several images, so I have detailed the processes below and show you how to create

Basic applications: Decim8, Juxtaposer, 3DPhoto

First things first, I’ll detailed in the creation of the first (base) image.
I shot the original image with the Pudding Cam.

Next, I ran it through the Decim8  using FOLD4RAP5 effect

Next, I ran it through the Juxtaposer. So, I get rid of excess. I should mention that I merge basic image with my «clean» paper texture

Further, I add new top image, to wit load previously saved stamp ( Skull). Quite often you can meet «HIM» in my works ;)

Finally, I play with filters, using Iris app.

And at this point I think that I’m somewhat happy with what I’ve created ;)

2)  So, we go to the creation of the second image
Do you remember, that I told you – Shoot more! Well, I turn to my archives…This is what I need!

Once again I’m going to use Decim8! (FOLD4RAP5 effect).  Yes, shure,  I’m a big fan of the geometry! =)

Once again I back in Juxtaposer and add new top image, I mean, I load previously saved stamp ( Skull2). By the way, this is another of my favorite main characters (Skull 2)

I am a mad scientist, so I clone them one by one and add them in sequence.=) Actually, I would like to see an «otherworldly triumvirate».

Finally, I add some texture and revert to gloomy colors, using Iris app.(here)

Thats all!

3) Just for fun, I complicate the task, by adding more geometry and freakish mood ;)

My lovely «poster»-images… =)

With clean (almost white) image, I create the graphic image, using «addLib» app

Not bad…. BUT! I was talking about the complication!

So, I ran it through the 3D Photo

Well, it’s better, but I really want to add some texture and make all colors intense, so I go to the Pixlromatic app.

Next, I go back  in Juxtaposer app. and add there some familiar characters..I think it is too bright, so I make all colors more muted, using the Blender app.(merging with colors texture)

Further I add some graphic arrows, using the Blender app once again

That’s all!  As always, »Let your imagination works on you!» ;)

All the Used In This Tutorial:
Pudding Cam
Native Cam
3D Photo

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    really great tute & images Nat!!

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