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Recently Joanne Carter, who  is the Founder and Editorial Director of  suggested me to bring my Top 5 Photo Apps to the Photo App Lounge section of, where they ask mobile photographers what their top five photo apps are and why. Of course I agreed, it was my pleasure =)

All of us try to be “on Fire” in the newest applications. I am no exception. However I quickly ran through the previously published posts of the Top Five Photo Apps section, so I tried to choose the applications not listed above and are not the most popular (newest) to date.

Hope I could be of service.

1) Halftone

As you’ve probably figured out, I really love Post-card  style that has vintage and retro kind of look. Retro postcards to really surprise and delight me.

Well, you can find lots different apps for this. Some are better than others. But it is very individual. One of my favorite such app is Halftone app by Juicy Bits.

This app turns your photos into unique, vintage comics, allows to add captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts). Settings screen for lots of additional customization, including halftone dot size, strength, and gain.
Btw, so often I turn off the slider off halftone dot and now I gone on this way.
Contrary to many others, Halftone makes it easy to add more than 25 paper styles, from crisp and clean to distressed and aged. This is what I really love and use this app pretty often.

2) MonoVu 

Actually I often use monochrome/BW in my works. Perhaps, one of my favorite apps for this is MonoVu.
This is my to go app.

It provides 10 free filters, as well as an extra 15 purchase filters. Some of them have a unobtrusive and simple textures.

3) Strut Type

This app turns your into a Strut folding camera from the early 1900s, giving them a dated, vintage look. Recreate images with the look of the first dry-plate that emerged from 1875 to 1920.

It packs filters as well as a black-and-white mode, so you can get exactly the sort of 100 year-old photo you’re searching for. This app includes a number of editing features that allow you not only to filter your shots and make them look old, but tweak them in order to get the exact effect for which you’re searching. You can also recreate different effects old-style cameras were known for, like light leaks and faded edges caused by the Strut’s lens.

Please Note: entering the application every time again, check resolution of the saved pic!

4) Textures+

I really love to use different textures in my works. Usually I create some of them and then I Blend them with my work, as well as I use different apps to add textures directly on image. One of these apps is Textures+ by Michael Valdez.

It does is mainly adding grungy textures to your original pictures, to give them a dirty and decayed look.  Most of the textures included in the app’s selection are conceived to add stains, scratches and corrosion to the photos. You can adjust the opacity of textures as well as regular adjustments (Brightness/Contrast,  Hue/Saturation). A handy eraser tool allows to change any part of any image or texture. (for example for eyes)

Textures+ has intuitive and responsive user interface

Notice: It works better on iPad (I mean quickly)

5) AddLib S, U

I really love the geometry, modernist illustrations and I really love the “poster”-images.

addLib S by WOW inc. is an application for iPhone that edits your photos and creates a variety of types of design. Simple and fun. As I call this app – the app for relax.)

AddLib also gives you a chance to customize a created image, but only up to a point. It’s a bit annoying.. I’d like to have a bit more customization =)

addLib U is the second release in the “addLib” app series, which uses your iPhone photos to generate an original graphic album, as well as it allow save your images to the Camera Roll.  addLib U uses a mid-century modern theme to give your photos an authentic style of 1960s-1970s . As well as his predecessor addLib U is very easy to use. I use manual mode.

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