Tutorial 11 “Sliders”. Take it easy: all ingenious is simple!


So often happens that creating artworks takes a lot of time to complete. To get started, the idea gives birth to the creation. A person needs intellectual stimulation. Suppose you have an idea in advance and you know the way (or about) to achieve the desired result. You are on a creative high, however, in spite of all, neither of created results are not make you happy.

Well, you have to forget about these works for a while =) You don’t need to hurry to complete your work. One day you will find the right solution or get the desired apps. Perhaps, you need a time, lots of it, so be patient ;)

But nevertheless happens that you need just a few minutes to create a truly amazing and inspiring image. Something simple but powerful.
And now I’ll discuss the creation the one of such works.

1. I took this pic with Slow Shutter Cam app by Cogitap Software.

Just point and shoot…

Slow Shutter does not actually change the shutter speed of the ’s camera =) It just simulates control over exposure and shutter speed

This app provides three main options – Automatic, Manual and Light Trail.

Automatic mode can be used to create motion-blur effects as well as this mode features automatic exposure compensation so that your pictures are always perfectly exposed, no matter the shutter speed selected.  This mode  is like the shutter priority mode on a DSLR.

Manual mode lets you set the shutter speed to compensate for low-light conditions. The longer the shutter speed, the more light it will accumulate.

Light Trail mode also works best in low-light conditions, it allows to “paint” with light. You can capture any moving light in a unique beautiful way.

All three modes are very easy to use, as you just need to select a shutter speed and then just point and shoot. Additionally the Light trail mode allows to select a sensitivity levels.

Pay attention to the application settings and following instructions

btw, I have used other slow shutter apps with the similar name. You could try some of them to decide as to which application works best for you.

2. And now you can choose any way for further image processing.

I have used MonoVu app.
Actually I often use this app to  my monochrome works and I really love it.
This app provides 10 free filters, as well as an extra 15  purchase filters. (some of them have a unobtrusive and simple textures)

That’s all!
Take it easy: all ingenious is simple! ;)

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