iPhoneography NaProsvet. “Eclectic” magazine interview


It is a great honor and a huge pleasure to share my wonderful !
The newest spring issue of the Eclectic  is already in the “air”! 
Many thanks to Alexandra Goncharova, who heroically listened and recorded my long confusion considerations, which accompanied by splash of emotions, and turned them all into a laconic =)

NaProsvet. – What does it mean? What does the reason?
Hobbyist, Amateur, or Professional? iPhoneographers – what are they?
A bit of the styles and directions in , of creative searches and of a career of i-artist, of Vanity Fair.
The earthly dreams and joys of the citizen with a little backpack, and many other intresting things you can learn from my interview in the March issue of Eclectic magazine.

p.s.Maybe later, I’ll take time to make translate…;)

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