• Exhibition “Russia: the big art collider. Experiment”


    On February 20,  a “brave” and eclectic exhibition called “Russia: the big collider. Experiment” dedicated to modern and positive art “Positive in my Mind.Version 3.0” will be launched at G8 Gallery.
    In the central part of the exposition there will be the four works of the European school of XVI, XVII, XVIII,XIX centuries.
    Its value can be compared with the heritage of the great musicians and scientific discoveries of the last centuries.

    The Classic art works are showing the new facets, being among the works of contemporaneity. Evgeny Monakhov’s realism, Dmitry Ershov and Josip Falic’ naïve, Vasya Lozhkin’s known works, Donasien Roshambo’s comics’ collection and HeeHoos Jha’s comics, illustrations by Igor Oleynikov, Elena Kubysheva and Alexey Merinov, similar to the British pop-art paintings of “LollipUps” series by Nataliya Boychenko, light paintings art from LPWA members (Light Painting World Alliance), by () and street art by Kirill Kto.

    Summarizing all said above we plan to open up an ambitious dialogue of cultures and to let our guests consider what the art and culture are to them.

    This is my humble contribution to the “Russia: the big art collider. Experiment” ;)