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I am delighted to announce, that an exclusive collection of my works updated for via iPhoneArt iPrints Store.
You can visit the online gallery to make the order by clicking on the following link:

Here are some examples of my works currently available for sale.
Please note, that some of my works are available in limited edition only. Although works that are sold in a limited edition series command a higher market price, the buyer can be assured that once the edition sells out there will be no more prints produced.
For example, if you buy the work which have an edition of 5 you can be sure that there will be only five prints in the world and you’ll own one of them. Many collectors place a premium on limited editions, knowing they are getting something rare.
Also note that all prints are presented in various print formats (size, material, design and installation on a bamboo or metal base)
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail. I’ll be happy to comment and advice.
Some examples of novelties are below
You may also find useful visiting my online gallery where you can find most of my works produced to date.
The link is:
If you were interested to order in print one of my works which is currently not available in the iPrint store, please contact me and I’ll settle the arrangements ;)


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