Tutorial 9. “Waves of Change”


First of all I must warn you, I am not sure that this tutorial will be so interesting and really useful for all readers…At least, this work is one of narrowly focused style,as well as, it is the result of manipulation and the imagination of a mad scientist))
However, I received several inquiries for clarification on creating this work and I hope that this lesson will inspire you to create your personal -vibration (abstractions).
Accordingly, below will be presented just technical explanation.
If you’re still here, let’s start ;)

1. First things first, I processed one pic from my archive using one of my favorite Decim8. So, I got the next image.

I must say that I love this playing with forms and colors and I want to run with it anymore!

2. Considering the initial capabilities of the resulting image I would like to run it through the TinyPlanet app.

This is what I need!

3. I want to make it look more artistic, so I run it through the Glaze app.
So I got next pic.

4. Thinking of the waves, I would like to see more motion and blue/cyan colors. Further, I used another image from my archives, that I also processed using Tiny Planet app. So, I merge them both, using Blender app., playing with application settings “Blending Mode

Finally I got the foundation of my final image

5. However, this is not all. Further I process my images using the Tiled app.
I have to confess that quite often I use it in the creation of my art- works.

6. Finally, to complete my work I used ScratchCam app.

That’s all!
As always – ”Let your imagination works on you!” ;)

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:

Decim 8
Tiny Planet
Tiny Planet

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