Tutorial 8. “Ghosts of crimes against humanity”


I may say, I don’t know the way to start this tutorial…
This is quite dangerous dancing with fire and ashes … I would say so.
This work, which I would like to consider today, concerns a very complex subject … I had been thinking for a long time before I decided to write the tutorial on it.
However, this work does exist.
Crimes against humanity were lived out in World War 2. Genocide, murder, torture, starvation, exposure to disease on purpose, intentional bombing or shooting that has no military purpose or authorization (also considered a war crime) and mass arson of people and their homes or in buildings. I have probably missed some types of crimes but it is pretty gruesome what some people have done to others. It was atrocious.
I wont concern everything that is behind this work.
So, let us turn to the discussion of the process of creating, as well as explore some applications that I have used here.

1. I took this picture with Hipstamatic (BlackKeys super grain film, John S lens) last winter in the subway. This capture reminded me of this slippery subject immediately..

2. So, to complete this work I had to enhance the feelings and emotions with some applications.
First of all, I added some texture, using Textures+ app.

I love this app and use it quite often in creating my works or to create my own textures.
Keep in mind you can always clean up necessary area, using “eraser”. So I cleaned the area of ​​the face.

3. Further I run it through Horror Cam app. and a bit improve it by Snapseed using apps settings (adjust Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation etc.)
So I got this pic.

4. Then, I add some text using the Phonto app. It is simple in use and I like a fairly large selection of the fonts that they have, as well as the resulting images have a good resolution…
Generally I use different apps to adding texts.

5. Finally I add the last element using ArtSet app. I may to confess, I’m not a big master in this application, so, all my tests in its use is still very meager…=) However, that’s all what I need here.

That’s all!

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:


Despite the story behind this image I love it ….

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    LOVE your tutes Natali!! <3

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