Tutorial 7. Turn on your imagination! Again and again ;)


Going back again to the issue of how you can use your personal imagination and creative fantasy))

Before starting this tutorial…
Well, I was looking for handwriting (like my business card) in my works for a long time. It was hard and I was really upset about it … Recently I have revised my works over the last couple of years… Finally, I got it! I have two major direction!! =)
On the one hand – it’s something vintage, antique and so often little bit scared and whimsical works (mostly portraits and images with human forms). On the other hand – I really love the color! Such a kind of explosion of the moods and feelings. As usually too bright colors are present in my graphic works.

So, I decided to consider one of my personal favorite of my graphic works of this summer.
I really wanted to choose an interesting work, processed using a variety of apps and show how you can use your personal imagination and creative fantasy))

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” Charles Dickens

I tried to be detailed and clear. I hope this will be useful and interesting stuff.
As usual - When you begin to create your work, you must have the main idea in your head!

1) OK, the main images included in the final version  were two pictures taken with my long focal lens for , using “ClassicPan” app. Nothing special, just not so good quality pictures with awesome workers in the sky.  They were establishing some decoration for the street scene.  I must say that I loved how they looks,  this is what I need!

Images were captured on a rainy and overcast day. I little bit cleared my pictures from the gray clouds and flipped one of them, so that they looked at each other, using “Camera+

2) I love the geometry and I really love the “poster”-images!

With the clean (almost white) image, I created some different graphic images using “addLib” app

Further I proceed to the fun – blending!  Here I used “Blender” app, playing with application settings “Blending Mode“. So I got this pic

Looks not bad, but it is too little for me! I want even more colors and geometry!

3) Further I turn to my archives and I remember that I want to see more colors at least…

I picked a pair of bright colored textures.

4) Step – 2. Gone back to the “Blender” app, and playing again with settings “Blending Mode” one by one I added my colors textures at the previous picture.

5) So I got next pic.

For the base it looks good. I like the color and graphic design. But still there is no real life ..

I gone back to my “workers” and I add them in sequence at my previous picture, using the “Blender” app.

Finally I got this image

6) Well, I really love it, but I would like to add some light without changing the exposure and contrast. Perhaps it will be glares or something like this. However it’s the graphic art, so I guess that an ordinary glares will spoil the mood and structure of whole work.

So I created the image next image, using “Flowpaper” app.

7) Gone back to the “Blender” app. and merge layers, playing with application settings “Blending Mode

Finally I got the FIN.pic


Let your imagination works on you! ;)

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:



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