Tutorial 6. “Going on a trip” (collaboration test work)


Recently one of my iFriends, Roger Guetta, one of the most talented artists, whose work never cease to amaze and inspire me, gave a task.. a very challenging favour… =) He gave some original photos of some of his students, and asked to process on your own taste… and here we go!
What looked as a challenge before became a superb interesting project & i truly enjoyed it.
Well, for some reason I’ll keep silence with others details of this challenge and move on to my tutorial ;)

1) So, here is the original image.

2) First of all I decided to give more fun for this pic =) & I ran it through the FunnyFace app.
I should mention, that I really loved her great yellow scarf and her stylish glasses =)
OK, I think you can understand the reason why I did it twice in a row =)


This picture I got by Pencil Camera app, using Canvas effect and I like the way it looks now but I would like to improve it by Snapseed using apps settings (adjust Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation etc.)
resulting image

4) So far I do not see something special in it …
I’ve mentioned that I liked her scarf! You know, it reminds me about some travelers …..
Excellent! So, I decided to direct her to a fascinating journey and I mark it with the old/vintage atlas ;) As well as I little bit decorate her yellow scarf in a common style.

These textures I combine with resulting pic. using Blender app.
Several times before, I explained in detail Blender app. and its settings.
You can find it in my previous
for example: Tutorial1

That’s all!  As always - ”Let your imagination works on you!” ;)

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:
Pencil Camera HD



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