New Look meets NaProsvet


This summer, I got a mail from the Finnish fashion called “New Look.”
So, I got to know that they will have a city theme for article which includes fashion collages from four different cities in a big fall fashion issue. The chosen cities are Moscow, Paris, Dubai and Tokyo. There will be two page per city and the idea is to capture the “spirit” (through , architecture, phenomenon/trends, colors, feeling, etc) and imply it to fashion with street style pictures, product photos and runway photos tied together with pictures of the city.
So, they were need for help to get the collages to be from the right point-of-view, capture the city’s real spirit and asked me to be their “guide” to Moscow.
Sure! I am in! ;)
Afterwards we had a correspondence, as well as I sent them some of my black and white .
After a while I got a mail from which I learned that the magazine is in the print!!!
YES! Finally I got my copy today!
Flipping through this wonderful magazine, I got that is gaining momentum! (at least for me, this is really important) ;)
Oh, it is a great pleasure for me! NO!! I am absolutely thrilled!
I took some pictures of the article for you, friends.

What a pity, I don’t know Finnish…;)

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