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The modern mobile cell phones have long ceased to be just cell phones. So, most of all are powerful multi-functional mobile computers, which can solve variety of tasks using the appropriate applications.
To become the iArtist you would need at least to be an enthusiast. A lot of people shoot pictures using their iPhones, but not all of them got really good images, especially the great works! You have need a huge passion for photography, creative mind (I mean an extraordinary thinking for all things), a persistence and a really great desire to reach the goal (btw, it’s not bad if you can put it for yourself still on the shore) and iPhone, for sure!
During the training you will get an exclusive knowledge, some basic skills and the starter experience with your new camera (it’s your iPhone).
Now you don’t need any expensive equipment to create really beautiful pictures. This point consists not only in technology, but more in the ability to express your vision graphically, be sure, you have need to do it really good!
The official online Apple App Store has a variety of specialized applications for photos and , but not all of them had been done on a qualitative level. The issue of choosing the correct and useful applications will also be considered during the teaching process of the course.
IPhoneography is a modern and democratic trend in the art of photography, which gives a terrific opportunity to express your personal world view and show it in the way you see it, expressing your thoughts and emotions using the artistic language.
The main principle of iPhoneography is that you have to shoot and process your images ONLY with the iPhone!
A lot of happy owners of iPhone do not have even the slightest understanding of how to use the iPhone camera! However, if you have the basic knowledge and skills, creative mind, and the “right” applications, the iPhone can be a powerful and creative tool in the right hands! (Although you would have to spend around $50 to buy )
This course has been designed for people who have decided to learn the iPhoneography from scratch, as well as for those, who really want to organize their own basic knowledge of digital photography.
During the training you will see that your pictures captured on your phone may become the full and finished works. Be sure that all of the others will also notice these great changes of your skills.
Within the frames of the course I will discuss the history and genres of photography, the principles of building a frame and other basics. We would also talk in length about issues related to the search of the new languages and Artistic Expressions in mobile photography as well as the impact of modern painting on visual language of photography.
As in any other science, the photography has its own wide-spread laws, trends and regulations. So, knowing them and being able to apply them in practice, you can jump even higher than your head.
There are different of learning available, such as the group classes (courses), individual (exclusive) training,  master classes (they all are useful for those who already know something, achieved something, etc.)

Master class cannot include both lessons on the general theory and practice and narrowly focused questions. Typically it is focused on one or two general topics, interesting and suitable not for everyone. It is rather a specialization after you finished your education (self-education for example). BTW, the self-education, probably is the most effective way to get additional knowledge, because it is suitable for your personal needs.
In any case, one of these does not exclude the other, and, finally, the choice is yours! ;)


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