Tutorial 4.Weird Scary Portrait. “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing”


In my last tutorial Vintage And Aging Photo Effect I discussed one of many different ways of creation a vintage look .

Today I am going to continue the same theme , but I try to concentrate on creating of weird and scary . Unique and Fun/or not So ;)
You know, my completed work reminded me of the terrible “Book of the Dead” …
Ok, I go deep into the historical background.
Pictures of dead people…Hm…I guess, that normal person will never think about such things.
Today, it is wild, but 50 years ago it was a common thing. And now, we can follow the evolution of the relationship of man to death looking at these dark images.
Shooting of dead people was born in Europe and then, in the mid-nineteenth century it came to Russia. Weird and really terrible custom…
People started take pictures of their deceased relatives. In fact, it was a new manifestation of the tradition of writing posthumous portraits of loved ones and doing plaster masks from the faces of the dead. However, portraits and masks were too expensive, while picture was getting more and more available to all people.
Deceased children in the pictures looked like alive. On these pictures, they were with their favorite toys, or seated on the chair. were dressed in the most elegant dresses and decorated with flowers.
So often the deceased were captured with pets. Particularly striking that the living and the dead sons and daughters were shooting together.
In the 20-30 years of XX century, scientists began to explore the phenomenon of post-mortem photographs.
Then came the expression “Photographs of the Little Death” One click of the camera have killed a moment and at the same time it gave eternal life.
Thus the deceased stay alive forever at pictures on which they were filmed in their familiar surroundings. For example, reading the newspapers or in favorite armchair, with friends and family.
The “Book of the dead” consisted of such series.
However, I’ll hurry calm you with my mental health! =)))
Be sure, I’m crazy, but not so much! So, on my original image you can see the real and alive guy! ;)

1) Select original image. I used a photo that I shot with Pudding Cam.

2)  Next, I ran it through the Decim8,  using the wonderful FOLD4RAP5 effect

Gradually my picture becomes the really scary! This is what I need! ;)

3) Further, I run it it through the Vintage app.
Vintage Scene app
 is one of great vintage effects app, turning a modern photo into an old photo, one that looks like it was taken many years ago.This application is easy to use but gives the user control to change each component for a unique look on each photo.
I really love this app. and use it quite often, but I’ve never use it to finish processing the image!!! I mean, it’s too little for me to complete my work.

Well it looks pretty good for the intermediate steps and I must say – I love it ;)

5) So, go to the Blender app. and merge in sequence with different textures, which have a vintage – oldie look,  using the application settings “Arrange” and  “Mask”

I should mention that using this texture I’m going to stitch the mouth to one of those…(I will never deny my madness) ;)

Further, to enhance the aging effect, I added the canvas texture, using  the Pixlromatic+

It looks good for me and I really love it! So, this is one of my two possible final works.
However, I would like to complicate the one of them…

6) So, go back to the Blender app. and merge with next texture, using the application settings at my taste

I don’t want to see the strange pink/magenta color (it’s an important for me)

Finally, to complete my  work I used ScratchCam app.

That’s all!  These weird things put an imaginative twist on my portrait , making my  subjects seem both fanciful and mysterious.

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:

Pudding Cam


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