• Tutorial 3. Vintage And Aging Photo Effect (For Beginner Level )


    If  you really love the vintage look pictures You can create it in a few easy steps, using  different ways, fortunately there are too much! While the word vintage means old, old and vintage are relative terms. For one person, a vintage could mean one specific era, at the same time for other it means another. Sure, this is a huge and broad topic, so I’ll go back to it again and again, every time I’ll try to present the different applications.

    Old and vintage photographs always give you that sense of history and all the great memories that come along with it. Sometimes a photo looks soooo boring, but when you run it in the right applications and apply the right filters and adjustments, finally you can get a great final output.

    Today I am going to explain/clarify how to create a vintage effect for your ,  going in two different ways at once.

    1)Select original image. I used a photo that I shot with 645 PRO app. (selected T3  Color Settings).
    If you select a color photo, then you get rid of the color and turn it into a BW.

    2) To remove some (background) details that would go against the vintage photo style, to soften up the photo and give it just a little blur which will add to the old photo effect I have several different , but here I used the BigLens app. It has a great settings:
    Basic mode to work with template mask or Advanced mode to manually define your Focus area, define Focus area using  Brush, Eraser or Lasso to roughly define your focus area or advanced, using Auto to autofocus the target.  Also you can apply effects (Adjust Aperture to increase the background blur, Filter Effects to apply special tones and atmospheres and Special Lenses to change out-of-focus light points into blurred shapes, add instant Focus and Blur to fine-tune your target area.) Note, that you can choose shared Image size using settings! (be sure, selecting Full size;)
    I created two images, using different settings specially

    3) As well as in the previous step I process my two images using the Strut Type app. that develops the effects of turn-of-the-century Strut folding camera. Renders authentic Edwardian-era portraiture and landscape shots. Recreate images with the look of the first dry-plate that emerged from 1875 to 1920.
    I must say, pretty good app… though it has some bugs … while saving your picture with high resolution, it crashes (that certainly is annoying) :/

    4) Further, I choose different ways for each of these images:
    a) Go in Iris app. and play around with it a bit until you get the look you are going for.
    Here is my result:

    b) Go to the Blender app. and merge with texture, which has a vintage – oldie look, using the application settings

    …result of merging

    …finally, to complete my  work I use ScratchCam app, …chosen the app settings for my taste
    So, here is my result:

    That’s all! Just try making your photo looks old and vintage.

    All the Apps Used In This Tutorial:

    Big Lens
    Strut Type

  • PhotoWorld magazine from China!


    OMG! I’m so excited!
    One of my works was selected for the article on artists from LA-MAF at the one of largest magazines from China “Photo World”!!!
    There is a way to get the iPad version of the printed here:

  • Tutorial 2. Eternal Mystery series


    Today I wanted to create a grand tutorial =) on one of my recent series that I have titled  “Eternal Mystery”.
    These 3 final images are included in it and, of course, they all are complex and  made up of several images, so I have detailed the processes below and show you how to create

    Basic applications: Decim8, Juxtaposer, 3DPhoto

    First things first, I’ll detailed in the creation of the first (base) image.
    I shot the original image with the Pudding Cam.

    Next, I ran it through the Decim8  using FOLD4RAP5 effect

    Next, I ran it through the Juxtaposer. So, I get rid of excess. I should mention that I merge basic image with my “clean” paper texture

    Further, I add new top image, to wit load previously saved stamp ( Skull). Quite often you can meet “HIM” in my works ;)

    Finally, I play with filters, using Iris app.

    And at this point I think that I’m somewhat happy with what I’ve created ;)

    2)  So, we go to the creation of the second image
    Do you remember, that I told you – Shoot more! Well, I turn to my archives…This is what I need!

    Once again I’m going to use Decim8! (FOLD4RAP5 effect).  Yes, shure,  I’m a big fan of the geometry! =)

    Once again I back in Juxtaposer and add new top image, I mean, I load previously saved stamp ( Skull2). By the way, this is another of my favorite main characters (Skull 2)

    I am a mad scientist, so I clone them one by one and add them in sequence.=) Actually, I would like to see an “otherworldly triumvirate”.

    Finally, I add some texture and revert to gloomy colors, using Iris app.(here)

    Thats all!

    3) Just for fun, I complicate the task, by adding more geometry and freakish mood ;)

    My lovely “poster”-images… =)

    With clean (almost white) image, I create the graphic image, using “addLib” app

    Not bad…. BUT! I was talking about the complication!

    So, I ran it through the 3D Photo

    Well, it’s better, but I really want to add some texture and make all colors intense, so I go to the Pixlromatic app.

    Next, I go back  in Juxtaposer app. and add there some familiar characters..I think it is too bright, so I make all colors more muted, using the Blender app.(merging with colors texture)

    Further I add some graphic arrows, using the Blender app once again

    That’s all!  As always, ”Let your imagination works on you!” ;)

    All the Used In This Tutorial:
    Pudding Cam
    Native Cam
    3D Photo

  • Tutorial 1. “Turn on your imagination!”


    Recently I decided to launch a new section in my blog. I hope it will be interesting and useful stuff!
    So, this is my first tutorial in this section.
    I really wanted to choose an interesting work, processed using a variety of and show how you can use your personal imagination and creative fantasy ;)
    “What’s his deal?/City Slickers Dog walking” 
    Earlier it was published at Pixels and I shared it in different photo groups. I was surprised to receive so many comments, kind words and one of all comments was repeated several times – “How did you do this??”
    Well, I tried to be detailed and clear =)
    One of my fav tips for the beginners – when you begin to create your work, you must have the main idea in your head!
    Not having any, just playing with different apps, you can hope to get “something interesting” are less likely succeed…
    I really love street pictures! I love to spy on people;)
    So I try to shoot a lot of street pictures (at least in the warmer months) ;) I shoot b&w pictures as well as I like to experiment =)
    1) OK, one of the four main images included in the final version was picture taken using Slow Shuterr app.
    Nothing special, just not so good picture with a passer-guy (but I must say that I loved how he looks;)) this is what I need!

    2) I do not want to receive unexpected play of color during further processing, so I am revert my image into the b&w, using Camera +

    3) I love the geometry and I really love the “poster”-images ;)

    So this picture I got using addLib app. Looks not bad, isn’t it? ;) but it is too little! I want even more geometry!

    4) the second of my favorite tips – shoot more!!! Not every picture will be released, but each of them can become an essential part of the finished work. They might be good as a texture, for example. Well, I turn to my archives and I remember that I want to see more geometry …

    Fine! I think I found a use for it!!! This picture was a little bit improved using Camera + app
    5) And now we proceed to the fun – blending! (Here I used Blender app)

    If it necessary we have turn the image, using the application settings “Arrange” (it was here)
    …and choose Blending Mode

    So, I got this image..
    …for base it looks good

    6)  Honestly,  I don’t really love pets’ pictures  (this is not my element)… but recently I took a couple shots of one beautiful and noble Dalmatians ….I think it would be nice to see it here….

    I got rid of the color and cut too much using Camera+ app.

    7)  I gone back to Blender app and added dogs in sequence ( using the application settings “Arrange” and  ”Mask”…and choose Blending Mode)

    I want to see both at once! I like that they have different positions.

    I should mention that the happy owners of iPad can use mask with ease!
    I process my works using , so I must be so careful and accurate . iPad is still in the top of my wishlist)))))

    8) Finally, to complete my  work I used ScratchCam app

    …chosen the app settings for my taste =)

    Let your imagination works on you! ;)

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  • We shared a moment that will last till the end…


  • Bzz-ART


    A selection of some of my works. All works were created and processed solely on the .

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