LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 – pioneering the mobile arts


Los Angeles celebrates the pioneers of and the underground mobile arts movement with the largest mobile and mobile exhibition to date. Over 150 artists showcasing innovative as well as interactive digital, sculptural, film / , and performance based iPhonic installations.
The biggest venue ever for a mobile arts event. Over 24o artists from over 30 countries around the world are being featured. The most important thing that makes the LAMAF 2012 such a big deal, the artwork created on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad is world class .
The galleries promise to be unique and will add to the Pioneering The Mobile Arts theme of the festival. The daily events will include some of the top notch iPhoneographers and app developers in the world offering their first hand expertise and knowledge.


Happy and proud to be part of this major exhibit along with talented artists and friends!
These are my four works that are included in the show. Very honored that one of my works has been selected for the Daguerreotype Collection printing for the Curiosity Shop

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  1. A fantastic LA-MAF Opening Night experience by Tracy J. Thomas!

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