Don’t pray on me! Just love me…

Don't pray on me! Just love me..

What a great !!!
“Don’t pray on me! Just love me…” – This is one of my works submitted at an exhibition in Naples
I am honored to share this awesome slide show as preview of WiAM FIRST EXHIBITION which will take place in Naples from 24/02/2012 to 26/02/2012.
I am really happy and proud to be among such a wonderful and talented artists, who have been included at the first WiAM photo show in Naples!!!
The first photography show dedicated to images produced using only the iPhone arrives in ITALY and in particular in NAPLES thanks to a group of Italian photographers who founded the artistic and international movement of known as WiAM (Worldwide Art Movement).Thanks to Italian artists Mariano Luchini and Rosanna Cappiello!!!
The WiAM art movement reflects on an innovative reality that continues to gain adherence every day and grows through its members passion and enthusiasm to share art with others through the Internet.
Please take a moment to watch ;)


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